1948 RCA Television Console

with 78 RPM Record Changer and AM/FM Radio

Huntington Museum of Radio and Technology

Of all the antique Televisions, I chose to focus on this one because it is the first model our family grew up with starting around 1950.
This is a 1952 photo of our family's first TV set. It is an RCA console (model unknown) with AM/FM tuner 78 RPM record changer under the lid
above the radio. My brother, Bob (2 years old), is at the controls. My other brother, Tony, and Sister, Kathy are in the foreground. I remember
watching the Howdy Doody Show with Buffalo Bob Smith. I also remember the set, as did many of the sets of that vintage, had a pilot
light mounted in thebottom in the center. It seemed that once it blew out, no one ever replaced it again. Sometimes, the bulb socket would pop
out and hang down to the floor from its wires.

I believe this television was given to us by our maternal Grandfather. He had another set just like it at his home.

I remember the record changer was riddled with problems, often getting jammed and putting out a ticka-ticka-ticka noise while it was stuck
in some mechanical loop oscillation.

Looking closely at the screen, one can notice that the wood is "scored" square around the screen as part of the design. This was actually a punch out
piece. Later, that piece was popped out and a newer, larger screen was inserted as a planned upgrade to the set.


78 RPM Record Changer

View of 78 RPM record
changer on the top right
surface of the console.

Tone arm and Auto/Reject/Manual
lever, which starts the changer sequence
or permits manual operation.
These two device, on opposite sides of the
turntable, held up the stack of records and
worked together to drop one record at a time
when the last one was finished and the tone
arm had moved out of the way. They could be
turned to accomodate two size records.

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